Saturday, March 08, 2014

Moto G Hands-on

Guys moto g is here! 

Pricing (on Flipkart only) - 12499 for 8gb Which many would avoid as 5.5gb of usable apace is seriously low for most peeps out there.So to neutralize matters there's a
16gb for 14k(13,999 to be precise).

I got hands on this device a week ago just before it was launched in india.
It was from US and my friend bought it from there because of his brother who has advised him to get that.
So I was kinda excited to see it!

As i had noted from my experience,

While holding the G it felt plasticky yet sturdy and moto logo doesn’t look good either the loudspeaker volume was low.
And the camera was pretty average! Stood pretty close to my old lumia 610!
The Pictures were a bit grainy on the edges.I didn’t have a good time with the camera camera finally an update rolled out which made it a lil better with the new focusing technique. Now it is dekivering decent pictures.


Maybe to compensate on that,
Screen was really good and sharp at around 319ppi
Even after being loaded with kit-kat still there were a few minor lags almost unnoticeable
I was able to play asphalt 8 without any major lags

Activate the developer options in Moto G then switch to ART runtime from delvik and the free ram increase to about 150MB,Battery backup will also be app response and loading will be quicker than before.
But the camera ruins this phone totally!
I have both the phones right now in my hands and i do admire the sturdiness of the G.

Compared to mmx magnus (as a phone) I think I will go for magnus because screen density (ppi) don't matter much 294 vs 319 and also do note that it is coming at the cost of size of screen - 0.5inch from moto g
Dust splash proof really is not a big deal because you won't be throwing your phone any time soon in sand and beach.But still who knows? That coating may save the phone someday.


Moto g actually looks like a toy and feels cheaper than magnus but it is rather sturdier than it looks.
The update is just a plus for the Moto G over the magnus.
Believe me moto g is a big deal only outside India where they don't have so much competition in mid range priced phones.
Just get a personal hands on the phone before you buy it
It is the ideal phone for people who want smaller, sturdier and which comes from a trustworthy brand like Motorola,
If is doesn't suit you have a  look at Xolo Q1100, Micromax's Magnus,Xolo Q1010.

Buy Moto G from flipkart 16GB

Buy Moto G from flipkart 8GB

Update from my buddy: He told about the problems he has been facing with the update which include like
call drop and sim card registration.He also reported that restarting the phone fixes the glitch temporarily, for him but they arise again eventually. Sometimes, the phone also switches to airplane mode on its own.

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